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Winning FG-5000 Boxing Headgear

By Winning 

Boxers and beginners alike give rave reviews for this protective headgear by Winning. Known for it’s great craftsmanship, enthusiasts boast it is comfortable, light, and has great visibility. Artificial leather ensures it will last longer and be less likely to tear. Practice sparring safely with increased protection over the ear and a bar across the mouth to soften the blows around the face. Back of helmet has adjustable string for the perfect fit.

winning headgear back

Head sizes: medium size (54-59cm), large size (57-62cm)
Material: synthetic leather
Colors: red, black, blue, white
Weight: 600 g.

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Contributed by Alex

Alex is a graphic designer, editor and model in Tokyo. She wanted to come to Japan ever since her mind was blown after watching a VHS copy of Totoro as a child. She grew up on a strict diet of Sailor Moon, Super Nintendo RPG's and manga (i.e. incurable otaku) before she finally made the move to the land of the rising sun. Alex's knowledge of Japanese pop-culture now outpaces most of the locals; she is White Rabbit's resident expert on Manga, Anime, Games and Japanese pop-culture.

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