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Wena Wrist Smartwatch

By Sony 

Sony’s crowdsourced Wena Wrist Smartwatch is the world’s first smartwatch to house the electronic brains and body-monitoring components in the wristband. The beauty of this is that it allows for a freely designed casing making the oft-awkward smartwatch wearable in an infinite variety of settings.

Since its 2015 inception, Wena, which stands for “wear electronics naturally,” has evolved considerably and as of this month will come in some of its most versatile models yet. Those include models made in collaboration with brand names BEAMS, Swarovski, and Wired.

The new line of watches includes all the original functions, such as notifications and movement monitoring, as well as newer ones like mobile payments. You can also opt for a handcrafted leather bands with Wena Wrist Leather. Either way, enjoy the convenience of modern technology with the unique beauty of analog clocks.

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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