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Voltissimo Mobile USB Battery Charger

By Buffalo 

Super rapid mobile USB battery charger Buffalo Voltissimo is able to charge an iPad battery within 15 minutes.

Buffalo offers two models, a 4000mAh version (21,200 yen) and a model with a higher-capacity 8000mAh battery (¥21,200Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
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) which can charge an iPhone up to 4 times. It can also charge other devices that can be connected to a USB port and the 8000mAh model can charge a tablet and a smartphone simultaneously.

The LED light displays the charging progress in four stages (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%).
Buffalo Voltissimo LED 03

The 8000mAh model’s built-in battery itself recharges in about 1h 35 minutes (the 4000mAh needs only half as long, approx. 47 minutes).

The Voltissimo is also available in Black:
Buffalo Voltissimo Bk

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Contributed by Rene

Rene is a writer and trend researcher. Born to Japanese parents in Vienna, Austria, she studied fashion and industrial design in Vienna, working as a make-up assistant (where she learnt to decode the complex world of primers, foundations and powders) and briefly as a stylist. After a year under the scorching sun in rural Thailand, Rene finally arrived in Tokyo and spent seven years writing for design magazines and researching trends in youth culture and design. She is White Rabbit's expert on Japanese beauty goods, fashion, and design products.

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