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Vans Classic Slip-On Half Moon BILLY’S Exclusive

By Billy's Online Vans 

Vans offers an ever-increasing array of handsome footwear. But if you’re looking for a clean and quality pair of no-bull kicks, look no further than the BILLY’S Exclusive Classic Slip-On Half Moons.


Trusty as always, the Half Moons keep to the low-key Slip-On aesthetic but upgrades the standard cotton construction with premium suede in red, black, and tan options. For added protection, a rubber cap covers the toebox and melds flushly into a burly inch-thick sole.


Finishing touches in the bright white stitching and waffled outsoles make this a must-have for Vans purists.

Colors: red, black, tan
Sizes (cm): 22.5-29.0

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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