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UnBrella the Upside-Down Umbrella

By +d h-concept 

The UnBrella (¥9,720Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) by Hiroshi Kajimoto of design firm +d/h-concept turns tradition upside down.

upside down umbrella unbrella 1

Unlike conventional umbrellas, when you close UnBrella, the wet folds collapse inward, exposing only the dry side. This makes UnBrella especially useful for commuting as it won’t drip on you or fellow passengers.

UnBrella’s exoskeleton gives it the look of a Japanese paper umbrella, and at a mere 340 grams it’s just about as light too. But what’s most remarkable is how the structure makes it significantly more flip and wind-resistant.

upside down umbrella unbrella 2

With three spring hues to choose from (pink, white, and yellow), the vibrant canopy complements the season and might just give you reason to be excited for rain.

Also available in light blue, navy and turqoise for a limited time only.

Material: fiberglass, brass, ABS, polyester
Size (wdh, mm): 100 × 50 × 810
(Each rib is approx. 60 cm)
Product weight (g): 340
Made in: Japan
*Yellow temporarily sold out

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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