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The Original Kururin

By MUKU studio 

Like Japan’s traditional kendama toy, Muku Studio’s new Kururin plaything harnesses the power of physics for an addicting hand game suited to those in-between moments at your workspace.

Using Kururuin is super intuitive: All you do is tip it over gently, let it flip under its own weight and catch it on the other side. Once you get a hang of it, you can invent new tricks or employ multiple Kururin to keep both your hands busy.


Kururin is handmade from all-natural maple wood, and each side of the oblong object is plated with silicon resin, so you can enjoy Kururin on various surfaces.

Size (cm): 2.7 x 9
Volume (g): 35
Materials: maple, silicon
Made in: Japan

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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