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Thanko Mame Cam

By Thanko 

The Mame Cam is the smallest micro replica of a DSLR in the world! Mame means “bean” in Japanese. Measuring at 30 x 27 x 27 mm and weighing a mere 11 grams, you now know where they got the name.

Tiniest DSLR

Using the USB plug-in, you can quickly charge your camera. Accessories include a lens cap, USB cable, keychain, neck strap and Japanese manual. It accepts a MicroSD card up to 32 GB (not included.)

Visual 2 Megapixel Sensor
Audio Monaural
Recorded File 640x480pixels, Xvid and AVI
File photo 1600x1200pixels, JPEG
Frame rate Up to 30fps
Charging time Approximately one hour (may vary depending on conditions)
Recording Time Approximately 36 minutes (continuous recording)


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Contributed by Alex

Alex is a graphic designer, editor and model in Tokyo. She wanted to come to Japan ever since her mind was blown after watching a VHS copy of Totoro as a child. She grew up on a strict diet of Sailor Moon, Super Nintendo RPG's and manga (i.e. incurable otaku) before she finally made the move to the land of the rising sun. Alex's knowledge of Japanese pop-culture now outpaces most of the locals; she is White Rabbit's resident expert on Manga, Anime, Games and Japanese pop-culture.

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