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Arukanai-do Electric Scooter

By Thanko 

Bygone are the days of walking; Arukanai-do Electric Scooter (¥39,800Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) by Thanko gets you from point A to B without taking a single step – while simultaneously inching us closer to a WALL·E-like dystopian future.

Arukanai translates to “no walking,” do implies “movement,” and moving without walking is precisely what this standing, self-balancing scooter does. By getting on board and leaning forward, Arukanai-do creeps forward depending on the degree. Adjust your weight from one foot to the other, and Arukanai-do turns steadily and as quickly as you can handle.

thanko Arukanai-do standing Electric Scooter 10

The applications for Arukanai-do are limitless. Use it for the last leg of your commute from the subway station home after a long day’s work or reprieve (and increased efficiency!) for Amazon package pickers. Also included is a wireless remote for hand controlled movements, and an AC adapter charges Arukanai-do in less than three hours (voltage restrictions do apply).

thanko Arukanai-do standing Electric Scooter 12

Size (whd, mm): 590 × 175 × 185
Weight (kg): 11.5
Includes: scooter, remote control, AC adapter, Japanese manual
Charging time (hr): 2-3
Movement speed (km/hr): 10
Climbing ability: 15 degrees
Weight capactity (kg): 20-100

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Contributed by Shaun

Shaun is White Rabbit's resident expert on Japanese design, technology and conbini snacks.

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