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Tawashi Pillow

By goku no kimochi 

To get a massage at the Kyoto-based head spa Goku no Kimochi, you’ll have to put your name in with rest of the 100,000 people. Goku no Kimochi is Japan’s first specialty head spa whose massages are famous for relieving stress, muscle tension, and even insomnia. This year, Goku no Kimochi has been commissioned to develop a line of sleep aids, including Tawashi Pillow.

The sleep experts at Goku no Kimochi take inspiration from an unlikely source for Tawashi Pillow. Tawashi, as it were, are Japanese scrubbing brushes traditionally used for cleaning dishes and pans. The beauty of the tawashi design is that it resists heat capture and, when used as a pillow, helps to stimulate scalp circulation. They partnered with Takada Kozo Shoten, a long-time tawashi manufacturer, to make sure they got it right.

Goku no Kimochi upholds to the old saying zukan-sokunetsu, which means keep your head cold and your feet warm. Keeping your head cool is integral to sleeping well, and sleeping well is integral to good health. Tawashi Pillow promotes this thanks to its porous surface and airy interior material.

As an added bonus, Goku no Kimochi offers a free white-noise app that, when placed underneath, lights up the pillow with soft glow as you prepare for sleep.

Colors: white, brown
Size (cm): 42 x 35 × 60
Weight (g): 346
Materials: nylon, polyester, polyether ester fiber

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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