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WIRED x Super Mario Bros Wrist Watch

By Nintendo Seiko 

Watch brand SEIKO is collaborating with Nintendo for a pair of limited edition Super Mario Bros wrist watches. The watches are part of SEIKO’s high-end, high-tech WIRED watch line.

Available in two models, one is a subdued black and chrome design with a brown, genuine leather band. Super Mario appears on the watch face against a backdrop of coins that glint at different angles.

The second design is as colorful as it is nostalgic. Anyone who’s played Super Mario Bros will instantly recognize the features from Level 1-1: the coin boxes, super mushroom and Goomba. Also notice the Super Star adorning the second hand.

Both watches come with an engraved backplate featuring the final Mario vs. Koopa battle scene along with a unique serial number. You also get a special box that mimics the game’s signature green warp pipe. Available in extremely limited quantities so don’t expect these watches to stick around long!

Materials: stainless, curved glass
Weight (g): 59
Thinkness (mm): 10.1
Water resistance: 10 ATM

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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