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Square Enix Store Feature

By Square Enix 


Home to blockbuster videogame franchises like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Dragon Quest, it’s no wonder Square Enix’s fan base spans the globe. More than only videogames, Square Enix also sells a whole host of comics, apparel, trading cards, action figures and more. You’ll find these items, including Japan-exclusive ones, at the Square Enix e-Store.

Tips and Tricks

By clicking along the top of the e-Store homepage, you can search for products by the following categories: pre-order, series, game, music, books&comics, goods, and downloadables. As you’re browsing, you’ll come across various kinds of limited items, which are marked with these kanji characters: オフィシャルショップ限定商品 (official shop exclusive), 数量限定 (limited quantities), and 関連商品特集 (related product feature collection). Some of these items might be labeled in orange with 予約商品, or pre-order, so keep an eye on that and let us know when your item’s pre-order window begins. To stay ahead of the pack, we recommend following their Twitter page because this is where many products are announced first.

Domestic Shipping and Fees

Domestic shipping:
Total cost more than ¥2,575: free shipping
Total cost less than ¥2,575: ¥594 per order

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