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Sony MDR-1ABT Hi-Res Wireless Headset

By Sony 

Wires and cables will someday be a thing of the audio past. For some of us that’s hard to swallow, but for early adopters there’s Sony MDR-1ABT Hi-Res Wireless Headset (¥38,799Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
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Sony MDR-1ABT Headphones

Pioneer of high resolution audio, Sony provides the best wireless sound on the market using a proprietary LDAC™ audio technology, which transmits three times more data than existing wireless technology.

sony hi res ldac audio

Maintaining maximum bit depth and a frequency range of 96kHz/24 bit during transmission, LDAC™ boasts high compression efficiency and production for premium sound quality.

SONY MDR-1ABT headphones 4

Colors: black, silver
Battery life: 30 hours
Maximum input: 100mW
Stereo/Mono: stereo
Structure: sealed
Wireless: Bluetooth
Interface: mini plug (3-pole) / Bluetooth
Frequency band (L): 4Hz
frequency band (H): 100000Hz

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