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Sharefun Traditional Japanese Loincloths

By Sharefun 

Sharefun (¥2,940Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
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) are traditional Japanese loincloths. The same kind worn by Sumo wrestlers, Samurai and basically every Japanese male, at least up until the 1950’s anyway. After that American elasticized underpants suddenly seemed more modern than pieces of cloth tied around the waist.

But Japan’s ancient underpants are making a comeback. Sharefun has produced a range of traditional Japanese loincloths in a dizzying array of colors and patterns. You simply pick the style you like, wrap the long piece of rectangular fabric between the legs and tie it up with length of rope. They are surprisingly comfortable — the ventilation provided by a Sharefun loincloth is heavenly — and made completely with natural materials. They’re low profile, too, and Sharefun encourages people to think of them as a synthetic-free (and traditional) alternative to boxers.

It seems impossible, but yes, this is one of the few cases when wearing ancient underpants is not just OK, but desirable. And in case you were worried, “there is no type of buttocks exposed,” according to the Sharefun website.

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Contributed by Cameron

Cameron is a writer and journalist in Tokyo. He studied psychology and sociology before moving to Japan to explore its publishing, design and art. While living in Japan he has spent his time travelling to rural towns to document traditional Japanese crafts and covering the work of contemporary artists and designers in Tokyo. He is White Rabbit's expert on traditional objects, handcrafted goods and contemporary art.

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