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Scope Node Mouse

By Elecom 

This 1600 DPI laser sensor mouse from Elecom boasts an improved mousing experience by locating the laser between the finger and thumb, so that it sits closer to where the tip of a pen would land when held in your hand.

Recommended for gamers, designers and for those anyone who does photo retouching.

Elecom Scope Node Laser Mouse

Elecom Scope Node Laser Mouse
Interface: USB (Windows 7/Vista (SP1) / XP (SP2 ~ SP3), Mac OS X (10.5 ~ 10.5.5)
Cable Length: 1.5m
Size: 75 × 110 depth × height 38mm width *excluding cable
Weight: 123g
Elecom Scope Node Laser Mouse

Available in Black, Silver Satin and Silver Matte.

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