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Sadako vs. Kayako Cup Hangers

By Kadokawa 

Two of Japanese cinema’s scariest creations come together in this summer’s Sadako vs. Kayako, a.k.a. The Ring vs. The Grudge. Marking the big release is a set of Sadako vs. Kayako Cup Hangers from gashapon toy maker Kadokawa.

Sadako, Kayako, and the creepy boy Toshio make appearances in various poses. Hang them on glasses and mugs as a reminder that movies are not real and horrible things like that do not exist in reality, ever.

Sadako vs Kayako Cup Hangers Ring Grudge Japan Figure 2

Orders are for one case of eight blind boxes each containing a single gashapon toy. You’re guaranteed a complete set of all five toys, but only every other case gets a chase Toshio in gold.

Sadako vs Kayako Cup Hangers Ring Grudge Japan Figure

Figure size (mm): 50
Includes: one case (containing eight individual boxes with one figure each)
Material: PVC

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Contributed by Shaun

Shaun is White Rabbit's resident expert on Japanese design, technology and conbini snacks.

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