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Prism Globe

By Rakuten 

Dial in the perfect mood with the multi-color LED Prism Globe. The power-efficient LED light-bulb, purportedly good for 25 years, has a range of 16 colors — all controllable via a simple color-coded remote.

What’s great for international buyers is that the Prism Globe can run off both USB or A/C power! Also, the forward thinking manufacturer has included a 100V to 240V A/C adapter for connecting it to the mains.


Sits great on the floor, desk or lamp stand and comes in two sizes — a small 15cm globe and medium 20cm globe.

Set it to a specific color or allow it to cycle through them all. Cycle modes include slow and fast “strobe” modes and slow and fast fade mode–where the colors cycle in smooth gradients.


Item Details:

  • Color: White
  • Material: Frosted glass / ABS / aluminum
  • Size: Small: 150 × H140mm (6in) / Medium: 200 × H190mm (7.8in)
  • Weight: Small: 280g / Medium: 675g
  • Cord Length: 100cm (39in)
  • Bulb : 1W LED
  • Switch: remote control
  • Power: USB + AC Power (100-240V OK!)
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