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Premium Bandai Store Feature

By Premium Bandai 


Premium Bandai is the official online store of the storied Japanese toymaker Bandai. It’s where you’ll find everything from Bandai’s classic Gundam model kits to its topshelf action figures and other big kid toys. Premium Bandai sells more than only toys though. There’s also a wide variety of pop culture-inspired apparel, smartphone accessories, home goods and other merchandise. You’ll find products from your favorite anime and movie franchises, including Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Gozilla, Studio Ghibli, Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars and Marvel to name a few. There’s something for everyone.

Tips and Tricks

Premium Bandai is constantly releasing new – and very often exclusive – items. This is part of the appeal. Some of their best-selling items are those only available via pre-order reservation or sometimes even lottery. Check the website frequently for updates and, if you discover an Ultraman figure or Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure baseball cap you simply must have, be sure to notify us in advance so we don’t miss the reservation window. Items that are immediately available for purchase will have “ショッピングカートに入れる” or “Add to shopping cart” in the golden bar.

Items that are available via pre-order will have “予約する”:

A good way to stay connected is with the official Premium Bandai app, which is available on iTunes and Google Play.

Domestic Shipping and Fees

Domestic shipping: 540 per order.

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