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Popin Cookin DIY Candy Kits by Kracie Japan – Buy them all!

By Kracie Popin Cookin 

Whip up your favorite foods with Popin’ Cookin! by Kracie Japan. This series of Japanese candy making kits lets kids – and grown ups! – create miniature gummy candies that look just like pizza, sushi, ramen and a host of other comfort foods. Popin’ Cookin! is easy to make, super fun, and educational for people interested in cooking and food from other countries. All you need is water and, for some kits, a microwave.

If you don’t know where to start, check out three of our top-selling kits:

Popin’ Cookin! Sushi: Everyone likes raw fish and salmon eggs with Kracie Popin’ Cookin! DIY Sushi Kit. In this kit, you get everything needed to make tuna, sweet egg and salmon roe sushi. The rice is a grape-flavored, and the toppings are an assortment of sweet fruity flavors. Can you guess what they are?

Popin’ Cookin! Happy Kitchen Pizza: Enjoy two pizzas with your choice of toppings, potato snacks, and a fizzy grape soda to wash it all down. Unlike sweet Popin Cookin kits, these savory snacks mimic the flavor of the real thing. For eat in or take out, satisfy your fastfood and crafting cravings with Popin’ Cookin! Happy Kitchen Pizza.

Popin’ Cookin! DIY Fun Cake: Fun Cake is fun to make and even better to eat – remarkable considering how it’s made from powder and water. With wafers, cones, sprinkles, and all the strawberry and vanilla cream you’ll ever need, Popin Cookin DIY Fun Cake is the utimate answer to sweet food cravings.

Need larger quantities? Send us your request for a custom quote and be sure to include the quantity and specific product(s) you’re interested in buying.

popin cookin sushi detail

Here’s an instructional video from the manufacturer.

Popin Cookin SushihappyhumBento

happyhumKitchen DonutsDecoration Cake

Popin Cookin English Instructions

We’ve created these English instructions to make enjoying our DIY kits a little easier.

Sushi Kit English Instructions

Donuts English Instructions

Gummyland English Instructions

White Rabbit is the distributor of Kracie Popin Cookin products from Japan.

  • Buy from our online shop. Direct from Japan!

Contributed by Kim

Kim is a closet otaku with a passion for web development, movies and photography. In 2002 her love of sushi and curiosity for all things Japanese led her to Tokyo. She plays the Irish tin whistle and enjoys hiking, cooking and plotting to take over the world.

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  • Spicemycloset

    hello, do you supply?

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Yes, of course. click the BUY NOW button. If you need larger quantities, just send our customer service department a request with the details (quantity and country).


  • frankie

    hi i want to buy one of the products but how do I? 

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Hi Frankie, do you see the BUY NOW button under the product description? If not, let me know what browser you are using. Is there problem with the display?

  • Valleryanika

    Hi, should you really pay with card?

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    sure, why not?

  • Valleryanika

    Hi, should you pay for the shipping

  • M Erlandsen

     Hi. They don’t cheat, do they??

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  • Britneychau96


  • Rftyghytcxsedrftb

    i really want can can i order?

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    why not? You don’t need our permission! Order away!


  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges
  • kathy

    they look so cool and yummy and easy to make  bianca$$$

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002129258671 Tala Moh’d

    hi i alrady orderd yesterday so 2-3 days are left?

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  • Dkschraeder

    i want to buy these but i am woundering … do they cheat you for your money or not send anything at all?

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges
  • dome

    where can i buy refill-packs for this?

  • Mr

    where can i buy it?

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges
  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges
  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges
  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges
  • Jennisha Santiago

    omg i just love poppin cookin i was always looking for them

  • lalalalalaalalllala

    no its just a website you can buy off of.Did u feel stupid

  • Little_beauty

    i totally want these i been watching these all month its inredibley awesome but 3.99 dollars is a lot i finally found where they sell them awesome peace out

  • Little_beauty

    you can buy in china,japan, or internet

  • ALee

    man my mm didnt let me

  • why should you know

    do you ship to australia

  • France

    how can i buy i have peos money only???

    i wanted to buy that

  • France

    im from philippines

  • Sfelix47

    Is there a store instead of it being online?

  • France

    how can i buy??? i have pesos money only :< m from philipines ivve watch tthis for months i really like it how can i buy it????

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges
  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    you can order here:  http://shop.whiterabbitexpress.com/index.php/food-snacks/popin-cookin-sushi.html

  • TheWincking

    were are they for $3.99?

  • Hanan Sudiro


  • Jocoxo_blogshop

    erm, can meet up to pay and collect instead?

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    sure, we our office is in Tokyo’s Nakameguro district. Would you like to come by?

  • Qestiaraqaisara

    Omg i like popin cookin

  • Kayla Bergerson

    I want it

  • Duong Nguyen

    i want to know where they sell? i cannot go to China because my work is not done, and my father has a job. he never think that he cant never do this job anymore. i watching in tv, and i saw that they are making a japan candy.also i just want to get it, but i cant. that is my dream if i cant do it, may be my dream will be break.

  • Duong Nguyen

    i want to buy it, but its so expensive. so i can buy it, i wish that a have mor than $100, i will buy these japan candy every day and every week.that is my new dream.

  • Demi

    these thing r so cool i so want one i just cant stop thinking about them all day and they r so cute i have watched so many videos about these i just so need all of them

  • Nurinliyana

    if i buy cant you post to malaysia

  • Nurinliyana

    cant i buy from malaysia

  • Max

    white rabbit ships worldwide. you can buy here; we ship to Malaysia!

  • Cocsogood

    Can it be shipped to Australia?

  • Cocsogood

    Is there any chance for it to be cheaper?
    I would really like to buy some of the popin cooking gummy candy kit and the sushy one

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jakob-Czechowicz/100001920399818 Jakob Czechowicz

    I’m sure its really healthy food ………realllllyyyyyyy healthy ……………

  • Qestiaraqaisara

    i alreddy buy the popin cookin

  • Cartoon

    hello Max,
    We can do payment online, but we need the stuff in Tokyo. Now we are in Tokyo until 23 April. Pls kindly tell where is your office ? I can visit and pay also ! Your office is in Maguro? Nakameguro district? pls kindly verify the place. I already checked the products I want! all of them are popin food making toy! And they are in stock!!!! I need all of them for my daughters. Pls kindly help, it will be most appreciate! I need more than 10 sets, one of each (all you have)! Thank you in advance.

  • Cartoon

    Dear Max,
    How many days you use in shipping the products within Tokyo? only 1-2 days maximum!!!!
    If you can, pls inform me back! I really need to buy your products for my kids! as rewards for her super good grade! Pls help me. If I know the time, I can tell you where you can ship the products to me. (I change hotels for 3 times while staying in Tokyo, because of itinerary to visit places) …plssssss kindly help!, your office location where I can pick up stuff and how many days sending stuff within Tokyo!

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    HI Can you please submit your request via our SEND A REQUEST form. We’re not setup to handle customers requests via this comment section. 

    Our office is 上目黒 (Kamimeguro) 3-12-23-308 about 3 minutes walk from Nakameguro station.

  • Eerxiaoxuan

    my wish is to buy huge npackage of popin cookin.but my mum don’t let me!!!!

  • biggie175

    i want to buy popin cookin but i have 20 how much can i buy with that and i live in laplace on bellpoint street 1505 thankyou

  • PeppermintPatty

    Actually this is the cheapest I’ve ever seen! I bought these during Christmas. Very cheap and fun to make 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/aphosy Arlouny Phosy

    hey i wunt popin cooken plez give me one,i will pay you 21 for one sushi and gummy candy.i never got one be for i live 306 south wulnut street mt pleasent iowa.   😀

  • Hanan Sudiro

    my mom let me to buy that for my birth day i can buy it 3

  • Hanan Sudiro

    want ittttttttttt

  • Koh_hui_ping

    Can i buy from singapore ??

  • tghent

    it sounds gross no offence or anything

  • Lony988

    I got sushi popin cookin,I put too much water…it came out a fail.
    So i going to try again, >_<

  • Jenise

    I bot popin cookin and posted it on YouTube and it is awesome it’s not a lot of money I bot four two four my sister and two four me I bot the ice cream,sushi four me and I bot the gummy cupcake four my sister buy popin cookin now it worth the money

  • Jenise

    Love popin cookin

  • http://www.facebook.com/christ.lim.37 Christ Lim

    if i buy any
     of this poppin cooking will there be free shiping?

  • http://www.facebook.com/christ.lim.37 Christ Lim

    pls if u see this name christ lim pls dont call that call me megan

  • Agabugg

    I’ll send u one what do want?

  • Domboza8

    omg i have seen one million vidos on popin cookin its time i get mine

  • http://tamaraaa.tumblr.com/ Tamara Tran

    My sister Tanessa watches cooking videos on Youtube using this. She loves it!

  • Jixwu

    i’ve tried to product, you have to read the instructions or else it will be an epic fail! 

  • Chelsey Choy

    I saw it at Japan Mart NZ New market  

  • Chelsey Choy

    I saw the “Popin Cookin-Sushi” at “Japan Mart NZ New market”

  • oscar

    i did not now that they seel poping cooking in the internet im glad

  • Deliateo

    i love it

  • Hana Ai Sanchesu

    I totally love Popin’ Cookin!
    Now im buying my 2nd popin cookin today!I hope the bento one tastes wonderful! (Because thats the one i got •u•)
    Really im excited about this!

  • skittylolli

     ….I’m not the owner, but I can tell you that Popin’ Cookin’ products are really cheap, They’re like $5.00 USD online so…Don’t waste your money.

  • poli

    Hello I want to ask you can I to pay with another currency instead of dollars to euros? 🙂

  • Pinixy1277

    I love Popin Cooking!! Mwahaha 😛 😛

  • Simone

    where is that japan mart

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002419527082 Cindy Nguyen

    I wish I had all of the popin cookin things

  • samantha

    i saw popin cookin sushi in the internet

  • Daisy

    I’m from the US and we had a Japanese exchange student. We went to a little goodbye party and they had a table full of Japanese food and candy. This was on it and i grabbed it! Thanks for the English directions! It really helped. 🙂

  • jackyg0145

    i really want one can you give me one i am poore

  • jackyg0145

    buy me one please i have no money

  • irissa aryeanna

    i bought 5 popin cooking and that cost 50 bucks .lol

  • izzati majinin

    thats really expensive

  • Michelle

    in new zealand

  • Popingirl02

    Is there any popin cookin in the UK or London

  • http://www.facebook.com/HongNgoc1701 Hồng Ngọc

    can i buy popin cookin in Russia or in Viet Nam ?
    i’m really need it 🙁

  • Kimmie

    Luv the popin cookin stuff can’t wait to. Get them cant wait to make em

  • butterfly7607

    i really want to go to Asia DX

  • ruby

    how much does it cost

  • ruby

    buy one for me im just a little girl

  • ruby

    where do you live and what do you want

  • Aseel

    There are in Kuwait

  • lol

    Kawaii is cute …… Kawaii means cute in Japanese so you pretty much said” OMG ITS SUPER DUPER CUTE CUTE” I

  • sari buana dewi

    can you send the goods to indonesia ?

  • radiant02

    i lov popin cookin so bad every time i get a chance i go on youtube and watch it please please please please send one for me please please please please please please please please please.1150 bvi jonell stevens . if you do this for me it will be a dresm come thr.

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  • chelsi

    ME Want ONe! 😀

  • Pink2002

    How to you read they instructions because there all in japannesse they are all so cool im getting loads

  • Pink2002

    Can it come to Preston england fulwood

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes we ship worldwide!

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Popin’ Cookin! Sushi Kit English Instruction Guide via White Rabbit Express

  • shaylee

    is there a japan mart in wellington ,NZ

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes yes we ship worldwide

  • awesomenessme

    can you buy it like in canada instead of shipping

  • Megamazing

    I’m looking for somthing under ten$ do you have anything?

  • Megamazing

    Everything I see is too expensive!!!;(

  • Megamazing

    I don’t have enough!!:(

  • mariam

    and holland

  • mariam

    i wantpopin cookin

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    we ship worldwide!

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges
  • Vi

    How much dose it coast

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Hi Vi, all the pricing can be found on the product page in our shop! http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=kracie

  • savara cooper

    Do you have to buy this stuff

  • mikkos bolton

    I live in georgia city is riverdale

  • Vivi

    How much dose it coast

  • http://www.facebook.com/beyond.zhao Beyond Zhao

    How much does it cost to ship to Canada?

  • http://twitter.com/max_hodges Max Hodges

    You could stop by our office in Nakameguro, Tokyo

  • MLC


  • MLC


  • MLC


  • Camilla Dina

    How mouch is it ? Im from Germany

  • cocoloca

    does the sushi one have pork ( pig fat ) ?

  • Carla

    Can it be shipped to Tampico, Mexico?

  • DJ

    I really want poppin cookin

  • DJ

    Why would someone buy you one

  • i like peanuts


  • i like peanuts


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  • Carla Campos

    Can it be shipped to Tampico, México?

  • Natalya

    hi im from new york and i would love to order one of these but how long does the shipping take beacuse im one of those edgy people and i get so excited lol but yeah how long does it take?

  • Michelle

    Can it be shipped to canda

  • Ivana lorenz

    can it be shipped to Indonesia (Jakarta)?

  • http://www.facebook.com/yew.y.yan Yew Yuet Yan

    Does it contains artificial coloring?

  • jaslynchua

    can I buy in singapore

  • Max Hodges

    we do ship to Singapore! click the buy now button above!

  • Germane

    Can it be shipped to Singapore

  • paula khalil

    can i buy here in philippines
    and for how much?

  • Rayne

    are all of these poppin’ cookin’ edible.?

  • http://www.facebook.com/jacintaling Jacinta Ling

    mummytoon.com provides shipping to Malaysia from Singapore 🙂

  • OmgPopdatcookingirl

    OMG i so wanna get them all

  • Charlote

    where i can get popin cookin in Japan?

  • kittenblaze420

    desu it is

  • kittenblaze420

    im so 2000 n late but damn

  • http://twitter.com/B3rENiCe Berenice

    Did you ship wholesale to Mexico?

  • KimDalton

    We can ship to mexico. To find out about buying in bulk, please submit a request at the top of the page by clicking the green arrow or email [email protected]

  • cutie234

    pls give me some im a child 5 if you say yes this is my address 2573 lemery st vito cruz manila philippines

  • hana eron

    can i buy from albania

  • Henrique

    Vende para o Brazil?

  • goodgirl

    how can we get it

  • KimDalton

    Yes, you can buy this from our shop. http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/popin-cookin-sushi.html

  • KimDalton

    No, I’m sorry. We can’t send food items to Brazil

  • KimDalton

    You can buy it from our shop http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/popin-cookin-sushi.html or click on the orange button that says “Buy Now”

  • poochiez

    how much will they cost

  • KimDalton

    It depends how many you buy. Please check http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/popin-cookin-sushi.html

  • Sabrina

    Can ir be ahí pode to argentina? Hiw

  • lolo

    can it be shiped to the usa

  • ally maple

    can you ship to england

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes of course! we ship worldwide
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    we ship worldwide
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    we ship worldwide!
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes we do!
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes, we ship worldwide
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • patricia

    can we pay with cash??????

  • IsseyMiyake Parto

    Can it be shipped in Philippines and where can i buy this in Philippines? And how is this in PHP?

  • IsseyMiyake Parto

    I mean how much in PHP?

  • Max Hodges

    yes, they are!

  • IsseyMiyake Parto

    i want a donut kit pls send me at the philippines

  • Max Hodges

    only if you are in Japan.

  • Max Hodges

    yes we ship worldwide. not sure about price in PHP.

  • KimDalton

    Yes, we ship worldwide

  • KimDalton

    You can see prices in our online store http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com

  • KimDalton

    Yes, we ship to Argentina. Please buy from our online store:

  • KimDalton

    Please go to our online store to buy this product:

  • KimDalton

    We ship worldwide!

  • daniella

    can it be shipped to china mainland? or hong kong?

  • KimDalton

    Yes, we ship worldwide! ^^

  • Eric

    Ow long does it take to ship?

  • KimDalton

    It depends if you pick airmail (about 1 week) EMS (3-5 business days) or a different shipping method. Please visit our store to see all shipping methods: http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com

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  • Qri

    Can i buy from france? And How much are the shipping?

  • KimDalton

    We ship worldwide! http://wre.jp/kracie Please put the items in your shopping cart to calculate your shipping

  • AMYcupcakes<3

    i bought my popin cookin but how long does it takeyou guys toshp? because my suhie kit didnt come yet

  • Godsamighty!

    Why so expansive is it really how much it cost?

  • Guest

    I guess there are a lot of costs associated with it: research and development (someone had to come up with the concept, then figure out how to make it work), manufacturing (box, tray, tools, packets, powders), design (package artwork, website design), advertising and marketing (they’ve created TV commercials for these products), sales staff, storage and distribution, factory equipments, general office overhead (rents, bookkeeping, etc.)

    These kinds of things don’t grow on trees!

  • Max Hodges

    The price is just a few dollars. Is that expensive? I guess there are a lot of costs associated with it: research and development (someone had to come up with the concept, then figure out how to make it work), manufacturing (box, tray, tools, packets, powders), design (package artwork, website design), advertising and marketing (they’ve created TV commercials for these products), sales staff, storage and distribution, factory equipments, general office overhead (rents, bookkeeping, etc.)

    These kinds of things don’t grow on trees.

  • fifi

    Can you sent it to my home??

  • I’m in Thailand but how are you gonna know where is my house?

  • KimDalton

    You can order it from our web shop from Russia.

  • KimDalton

    Yes, we ship worldwide!

    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • Lee Rubii

    thanks a lot fot replied my cmt 🙂
    wel, do you know where can i buy it in Viet Nam? ^^

  • daisy

    are there any shops near Ginza, Japan that sell Popin Cookin Gummy Candy? I need to get the rice moulds, i.e. hello kitty, panda, etc too. I’m going to Tokyo soon.

  • KimDalton

    Sorry, we don’t know any shops that carry it in Viet Nam ^^;

  • KimDalton

    Sorry, we’re not sure what shops carry it near there, but if you’d like to order some we can deliver them to your hotel if you let us know your hotel details in your order comments.

  • unknown

    do you ship to uae?

  • KimDalton
  • Jen

    Ok, if its edible then it should hav the expiry date rite? Cuz i dnt really trust it

  • arnold

    is there some popin cookin that are chep

  • cherry lee

    Where is your store??

  • Aaliyah

    I live in New York Long Island how many days or weeks will it ship to me

  • Max Hodges

    yes, they have an expiration date. The date is different all the time, because we receive new shipments often.

  • KimDalton

    They are all about USD $5.60 for a box, but it’s cheaper if you order several boxes. http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/food-snacks/popin-cookin.html

  • Cheesey

    Is there a place to buy it in Las Vegas or do I have to buy it online?

  • jay

    If I use shipping which states 2-4 weeks, how accurate is it?

  • Taylor Caldwell

    can this be shipped to the uk?

  • Max Hodges

    Yes it can. We ship worldwide!

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Hi Jay, shipping times are based on post offices averages. So it’s as accurate as it can be. Some packages may arrive sooner; some may take a bit longer, but 2-4 weeks on average. If a swift delivery time is very important I’d recommend another method such as Airmail or Express Mail Service (EMS). Cheers!

  • calixtro ella

    can i buy with phillipine money or pesos

  • calixtro ella

    please reply because i’m in phillipines and i want to buy some popin cookin and happy kitchen so i can try them all and my sister and my cousin can try it too so i want to buy some

  • calixtro ella

    can it be ship in phillipines and buy it on pesos or phillipine money

  • calixtro ella

    can it be ship in phillipines? and buy it with peso money?

  • Samantha

    can it be shipped to New Zealand 🙂

  • Samantha

    how much are the candy sushi just wondering me and my friend want one

  • KimDalton

    All our prices are in US dollars. You can pay with PayPal or by credit card and your currency won’t matter.

  • lili

    how long would it take to get to TN. U.S.A.???

  • KimDalton

    It depends what shipping method you choose, but EMS would be 3-5 days, airmail would be about 7-10 days, and SAL would take 2-4 weeks.

  • heartiecoco12345

    same thing as saying OMG SUPER DUPER かわいい かわいい (kawaii)

  • Amber

    If we want to buy in bulk for selling can we get a discount for a bulk price?

  • Angelina

    Can I Buy from Indonesian??

  • raina

    It is Halal ? Can it be shipped to Malaysia ?

  • omg

    What flavor is it

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges


  • KimDalton

    Yes, it can be shipped to Malaysia. No, the popin cookin are not designated as Halal

  • ashley

    can you ship to the Bahamas and how long will that take.

  • KimDalton

    Yes, we ship worldwide! The shipping time depends on the shipping method that you select. We ship by EMS (3-5 days) airmail (7-10 days) and SAL (2-4 weeks)

  • Keani hurley

    Get me a cake set, a sushi set whith the soysause, a bento set whith the chicken nuggets and the gummie land set and the donut set please I have no money for the shipping

  • Keani hurley

    Oh and the hamburger set I live in Arizona Peoria 85345

  • Sushio

    If someone buys me one I’ll love you forever! lol

  • Nora

    How long does it take to ship to PA

  • KimDalton

    It depends on the method of shipping you choose. We ship by EMS (5 business days), Airmail – 7-10 days, or SAL (2-4 weeks)

  • Max Hodges

    SAL (about 2-4 weeks), no tracking number
    Airmail (about 1 week), no tracking number
    Registered SAL (about 2-4 weeks) with traceable package number
    Registered Airmail (about 1 week) with traceable package number
    Express Mail/FedEx Economy (3-5 days) with tracking and insurance

  • Michelle

    Can IT be shipped to SWEDEN I always wanted to have popin cookin!

  • KimDalton

    We ship worldwide!
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • Ashley symonette

    Can it be shipped to the Bahamas?

  • Gigi

    is everything edible

  • KimDalton

    we ship worldwide!
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • Hani

    Can you send it to Malaysia? If you have send it, which post office should I need to go?

  • Maya

    Can you ship to Melbourne

  • Guest

    yes of course.

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes of course

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes of course.

  • KimDalton

    we ship worldwide!
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • Purple Crafts

    can you pay it in any money like euro, peso, and dollar?

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    only US Dollar

  • KimDalton

    When you use a credit card or paypal, the correct amount is charged in US dollars automatically.

  • Javiera Reynolds

    Hello, I’m from chile, and wanted to know if they can deliver, I need many, regards

  • KimDalton

    we ship worldwide!
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Yes, we ship worldwide!

  • Tiffany V.N

    Can I buy from Melbourne

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes of course! why not?

  • Eeedznoodle

    can these things be shipped to New Zealand?

  • Starberrywishes

    Do you have the list of allergens and ingredients for all Popin’ cookin’ candies?

  • KimDalton

    we ship worldwide!
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • KimDalton

    Yes, we ship to New Zealand!
    Here’s a link to all the Kracie products:

  • nur aliessya

    can you translate the price into malaysian?

  • KimDalton

    You can use google to translate the price from USD. I hope this helps!

  • Jezie Hundal

    Someone buy me one I have no money

  • Illinois

    do these have a very soon expiration date? i ordered mine (from amazon i think) and they are supposed to come a month and a half later because i live very far away from the shipping point

  • Lisa Yao

    Hi, thank you for your question. We are not the seller from Amazon, however the Popin’ Cookin that we sell all lasts at least 9-10 months.

  • Mimi

    Can they be shipped to airdrie alberta?

  • sammi

    can it be delivered to Singapore
    if yes im sure to buy

  • kaesha


  • Lisa Yao

    Hi Mimi, yes we definitely ship to Alberta, Canada!

  • Lisa Yao

    Of course we ship to Singapore!

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  • Dodo

    Yum! I could almost eat it!!!

  • Dodo

    Super duper kawaii!!!!

  • marria

    how much is it

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    “buy now”

  • alexis

    can i use philippine money

  • Max Hodges

    Sorry, we only accept USD

  • Kiki Stelma

    I have seen a tutorial on YouTube on how to make this and it looks fun.

  • angelika

    Can i buy with eftpos?

  • Ju

    Can it be shipped to canada?

  • hillface

    what does it taste like?

  • red_raspberry

    Do you sell Popin Cookin Dodotto candy?

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    We sell all Kracie products! We have some packs with soda Dodotto but Grape Dodotto is no longer available from Kracie. You can see and search all the kracie products here: http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/collections/popin-cookin-kracie

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Sorry we only accept payment via USD. But if you have a Philippine credit card it will automatically convert! http://wre.jp/1hQ63DL

  • jazane666

    Can we biy it in georega because i am using my moms account and I said I would get it myself.

  • jazane

    I aggree

  • indiah

    how much is it

  • indiah

    whats the price sorry ?

  • Japanlove1245

    Can you get a quick delivery?As example I’m in North America so it took about give or take a month to arrive.Is that the fastest shipping time?

  • Max

    yes we can delivery in 3-5 days if you pick EMS

  • skuxxGirl

    its 2014 do u still sell the poppin cookin

  • Max Hodges
  • Max Hodges

    fastest from Japan to US is about 2-4 days (by EMS), but it costs more than Airmail or SAL. You can see the rates and average delivery times here:

  • aleeya danisha

    where i buy at the malaysian….help me..

  • unknown

    I’ve bought poping cooking a while ago and I have still not received it.

  • esra

    Which popping cooking products do not contain gelatin or alcohol

  • Shi

    Do You Ship To United states of america?

  • Max Hodges

    Please contact our support department help.whiterabbitjapan.com
    I don’t know your name, email address, order number or shipping method. And I can’t confirm your address here in the forums. So contact support please!

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes of course

  • Nurinr

    Is it free shipping?

  • charlotte fowler

    Do these products go bad? like in the near future?

  • Eloveschocolate

    this is so cool, how people from all over the world can enjoy the exotic kracie popin cookin kits!

  • LOL

    Nie umiem zbytnio gadać po ang.

  • Viktoria

    We are happy to help customers from all over the world to get the DIY Kits from Popin Cookin!

  • Viktoria

    All Popin Cookin products are edible and have therefore an expiration date. However, we check our stock every day and make sure that the items which will expire soon will not be shipped.

  • Viktoria

    There is a shipping fee for this product which is based on weight, delivery time, and destination. You will be able to see all options for your shipping address when you put the product into your cart and proceed to checkout. All shipping prices are actual costs from Japan Post – we do not make them up to get profit!

  • Viktoria

    Of course! We ship worldwide. You can get an idea of the international shipping fees using our Japan Shipping Rates Calculator here: http://japanshippingrates.io/

  • CG

    How much is shipping to Canada

  • CG

    I’ve bought from this website about a year ago so I forgot

  • Nikki

    It seems so fun, Im gonna order a few. But, is it gluten in them? Due to the fact of my wife is gluten intollerant^^

  • alguien mexicano!!!

    Alguien mexicano!!! :'(

  • alguien mexicano!!!

    Por favor alguien que sea mexicano!!! :'(

  • Viktoria

    We have no standard fees for international shipment, unfortunately. All our shipping fees are based on actual Japan Post Shipping Rates. Please visit our Support Center for further details: https://whiterabbitjapan.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/979856-how-much-does-shipping-cost-how-long-does-it-take-

  • Viktoria

    The international shipping fee is calculated from the weight (item + packaging) and the delivery time. You can choose from different shipping options during checkout.

  • Viktoria

    We would not recommend the Popin Cookin DIY Kits to gluten intolerant people. Some kits contain wheat flour and other ingredients that are likely to have gluten inside, so it’s safer to avoid this product. We are very sorry that your wife cannot taste these kits. But maybe she would still have fun making them?

  • Viktoria

    Sorry, but we do not speak Spanish. Could you please send us your request in English? We will be pleased to help you.

  • Nicki Pudney

    Can you tell me if the ingredients if not mixed together are harmful . What are the ingredients .

  • Richard

    Hi just bought a couple of items from here, how long do you usually take to dispatch? Would really like it to be here before Christmas (:

  • Viktoria

    The ingredients are all edible and not harmful. The constellation of ingredients is different for each flavor. Unfortunately, we have only the English translation for the Hamburger set.

  • Viktoria

    Thank you for your order, Richard! The order fulfillment time depends on the stock availability. If the items (like all Popin Cookin! DIY Kits) are in our stock, the fulfillment usually takes about one business day. If the items have to be ordered from a third seller, we have to wait for them around 2 days before we can ship them. See our Support Center for more information about shipping: https://whiterabbitjapan.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/979856-how-long-does-shipping-take-

  • Afra

    Can u ship to uae

  • Katherine

    how can i get this before christmas??

  • http://whiterabbitjapan.com Max Hodges

    yes yes! We ship to UAE often!

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  • Jane

    How can you ship? I live in the Philippines. PLEASE REPLY!!

  • http://whiterabbitjapan.com Max Hodges


  • Rosie Contreras

    I haven’t received my daughter Christmas present and it was shipped out on the 18th I did pay for it to get to her within 5-7 days and still haven’t got it ..disappointed don’t know if I will order again from you all

  • Viktoria

    Yes! We ship worldwide.

  • Viktoria

    Yes, we ship worldwide!

  • Viktoria

    We have different shipping options for packages to the Philippines. You will see your options during checkout before your order is finally placed.

  • CJY

    Wat are the ingredients?

  • Viktoria

    We are very sorry for making you and daughter upset. Your order was shipped by your selected shipping method Airmail which requires about one week on average. However, actual delivery time may be longer due to customs inspections which we cannot control. Please apologize once again the irritation caused.

  • Raye

    Do you still have these or ship it to the Philippines?

  • hafiezah

    Can I buy it cash malaysia

  • hafiezah

    Can me buy it money Malaysia

  • hafiezah

    Is it cash

  • hafiezah

    I wanna buy it cash malaysia

  • hafiezah

    Can I buy it cash malaysia

  • sarah

    Is this vegetarian friendly?

  • Viktoria

    Yes, we ship to the Philippines and you can buy the item in our online shop. Simply click the “Buy Now” button above.

  • Viktoria

    Sorry, but we do not accept cash payments. Please pay by VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover, PayPal, wire transfer (EFT), Bitcoin, or money order. For customers inside Japan, we also accept Japanese bank transfer (furikomi).

  • Viktoria

    Unfortunately not. The product contains squid.

  • Viktoria

    Sorry, we do not accept cash payment. Please pay by VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover, PayPal, wire transfer (EFT), Bitcoin, or money order. For customers inside Japan, we also accept Japanese bank transfer (furikomi).

  • danya

    do you deliver to Egypt or to Dubai

  • http://whiterabbitjapan.com Max Hodges

    Yes we have many customers in the middle east!

  • danya

    thank u so much

  • danya

    how much time does it take to ship to Egypt

  • Viktoria

    You can choose between different shipping methods during checkout. The fastest and safest shipping method to Egypt is EMS (2-5 days, including tracking number and insurance).

  • danya

    i ordered one full pack on the 7th January and it didn’t come yet .Do you know when it will come? it should come to Egypt.

  • danya

    i ordered a full pack on the 7th January and it didn’t come yet.Do you know when it will come ?it should be coming to Egypt.thank you.

  • danya

    if you don’t know wish one is mine or when it will come can you tell me how i can know any information please?because you didn’t send me any information about when it will come.

  • mia

    im 8 years old and my birth day is comming up so im going to get poppin cookin for my birth day

  • Viktoria

    Thank you very much for letting us know about the missing order. Could you please tell us your order number, so that we can look up the details for the shipment?

  • Viktoria

    Could you please let us know your order number? Then I can look up the date and method of shipment. Thank you!

  • Viktoria

    You can see if your order is fulfilled (= shipped) if you log in into your White Rabbit account. Please check also your spam folder to see if our shipping confirmation email has been mistakenly saved there.

  • Viktoria

    Popin Cookin! is really fun to make! You will certainly enjoy the item.

  • danya

    her you go this is my Order S8896. can you please help me as fast as you can. thank you.

  • Viktoria

    On looking up your order details, I could see that your package was dispatched on Jan 9th by your selected shipping method, SAL (about 2-4 weeks, no tracking number). Please give the package a little bit more time to arrive. We are confident that it will reach you very soon. Thank you.

  • danya

    thank you so much. so it will take one more week to arrive right?

  • Viktoria

    Unfortunately we cannot tell you the exact date of arrival, because we are not the forwarding agent and shipping times are only postal service estimates. For SAL a delivery within two months after dispatch is still within the normal range.

  • Rosie Contreras

    We did receive shortly after this post and was very happy

  • Viktoria

    Thank you very much for letting us know about the delivery! We are happy to hear that the package reached you in good time.

  • danya

    thank you so much

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  • Sandra Henson

    Wondering when our package will arrive – paid for the 4-5 day shipping, and it has been almost a week and a half…

  • Rachel Williams

    Hi, I was wondering if the sushi kit contained gluten, they look cool and I want to buy one for my mum but she’s gluten intolerant…

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi Sandra, if your items have still not arrived can you please email us via http://goo.gl/wKFRLQ Thanks!

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi Rachel, Our individual item pages include allergy information. The sushi kit contains milk, gelatin and squid. Please see full details for the item here: http://goo.gl/JXYikO

  • Hitachi :33

    What kind of Gelatin do you use??? O.o ( i can’t have pork Gelatin)

  • Sabina Fischer

    I believe all of the Popin Cookin range that contain gelatin would have pork gelatin so I suggest avoiding any product that lists it contains gelatin on our page. Some also contain pork but they also have gelatin usually.

    Here are a few examples of Popin Cookin without gelatin or pork.



    Hopefully this helps! If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.

  • Cristhian

    Good afternoon!
    Is there anyway that it would be shipped to Mexico?
    What shipping do you manage? Or which shipping service do you use?


    they have them in singapore, at scape. it is at orchard road.

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi Cristhian, Yes we do ship to Mexico and offer all the regular shipping options via Japan Post (SAL, Registered SAL, AIR, Registered AIR (e-packet) and EMS as well as Fedex in some cases). If you create an account on our store and check out with the items you wish to purchase our system will automatically provide you with quotes for all available shipping options so you know straight away how much it will cost and what you can choose from. Hope that helps!

  • David

    Can you buy it at your local Asian food store

  • Sierra

    Are there any stores in Arizona that carry these?

  • evkeeeeeeeeeeee

    is it in nz dollars

  • Sabina Fischer

    Our prices are in USD only.

  • Fairpoint is NOT Fair

    They are SO fun. The hamburger one actually tasted like hamburgers.

  • Sherly Cuellar

    Do you ship in Philippines? Because I’m from Philippines.

  • mustachekind

    Can it be shipped to Arizona?
    Also, i dont have a credit car
    d but I really want to buy one

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi Sherly, yes we ship to the Philippines.

  • Sabina Fischer

    Yes we can ship this item to Arizona. Currently we accept most major credit cards, visa debit card and Paypal as payment methods. Hopefully you have access to one of those?

  • Nina AB

    I dream that I tasteunfortunately, I do not have them in the Arab world and I do not have money now 🙁

  • candy
  • simone

    can we get a box we always wanted some Japanese candy and we watch a candy review show and i saw a girl doing white rabbit so i had to look u up

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi Simone, you can buy the full selection of Popin Cookin at our store here http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/collections/popin-cookin-kracie

  • Vanessa Arciniega

    excuse me, how do you do the send of products? to México for example.

  • Jela Baliao

    can it be shipped to philippines?

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi Vanessa, for Mexico we offer Airmail and EMS shipping options. If you check out with items in your cart at our store all your shipping options will be shown with prices included. http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/

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  • Good day

    What is an average price for one in American dollars? (ps plz don’t say it for like the gummy one is $12.46 or something just the average price for all products)

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi there! Most of the Popin Cookin items are $5.60 each in our store but if you buy three or more of one type the price goes down. You can see the full range with prices here: http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/collections/popin-cookin-kracie

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  • Chicken

    What poppin’cookins do you have?

  • curious!

    What are the ingredients of Popin cookin products

  • Sabina Fischer

    You can see our entire range of available Popin Cookin here: http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/collections/popin-cookin-kracie

    Expect some new ones next month as well!

  • Sabina Fischer

    Each Popin Cookin has a very different list of ingredients. We include allergen information on each item page at our store http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/collections/popin-cookin-kracie

    But if you need more details about a particular product please email us at [email protected]

  • Connie

    Where do you ship from?

  • Sabina Fischer

    We are based in Tokyo, Japan. All Popin Cookin ships from Tokyo.

  • Анударь

    Can we eat the products?

  • Sabina Fischer

    Yes, Popin Cookin are edible!

  • Paige

    Do you guys up the shipping if you live on oahu

  • Madison

    Hi there are the prices listed in new zealand dollars?

  • Sabina Fischer

    There should not be an additional charge for those living in Hawaii, you can see our shipping rates by checking out at our shop http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/

  • Sabina Fischer

    Prices are listed in USD!

  • Shawn Aaron Justin

    Can it be ship to Malaysia?

  • Sabina Fischer

    Yes! We can ship these items to Malaysia via our shop: http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/collections/popin-cookin-kracie

  • Shaan Rainger

    Are the instructions in English

  • Sabina Fischer

    For many of the products there are English language instructions available. If they exist we link them on the item page like here: http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/collections/popin-cookin-kracie/products/popin-cookin-sushi

  • Audrey

    I would not suggest using this website at all! I orderd 3 different popin cookin and it never came and I was very upset. Silly squishes has them and they actually sent them to me when I had to order from them when I shouldt have had to. BOTTOM LINE DO NOT

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi Audrey, sorry your package never arrived. Please send us an email at [email protected] and we will look into what happened!

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    I just searched for your order by your AOL email address, and we don’t have any order in our system for that address. If you have a problem with your order you’ll need to contact us using the same email address you used when you placed the order. Otherwise this just looks like SPAM to us as we have no way to verify that you are an actual customer of ours.

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  • Gillian Figueroa

    Is there any free popin cookin??

  • Gillian Figueroa

    I want the pizza one

  • Sabina Fischer

    We offer promotional items for some Youtube channels, if you have one send us an email! [email protected]

  • AncientGlassDoll180

    I want to buy some but they don’t have any of the actual Popin Cookin kits on your main website.

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges


  • J Stoner

    Do you no longer carry the complete sets of Poppin Cookin?

  • Sabina Fischer

    We no longer sell any Popin Cookin, sorry!

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