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Pokemon Center Online Store Feature

By Pokemon 


Nearly twenty years ago Tokyo’s Nihonbashi district opened the world’s first Pokemon Center. Today there are over ten official Pokemon Centers throughout Japan, including the mega-popular Pokemon Center Online. The easily navigable online store is the #1 destination for must-have Pokemon goods, including plushies, figures, card packs, stationery, smartphone accessories, apparel, and, of course, the Japan-exclusive merchandise you can’t get anywhere else.


Tips and Tricks

Pokemon Center Online offers a variety of search options. For example, you can search by New Products, Features, Product Categories, Ranking, or even the Pokemon characters themselves, which is especially handy when you’re trying to collect all the merchandise for a specific character (we all have our favorites).

The best way to zero in on exclusive items is via the search bar. Check “オンライン限定” and “ポケモンセンターオリジナル商品” on the lefthand side and hit enter. Exclusive items will always have a red “限定” marker on the bottom right corner of item image, like so:


You’ll also see exclusive items tagged with purple (online exclusive) and light blue (Pokemon Center original) as seen in the screenshot here:


Domestic Shipping and Fees

Domestic shipping: Free shttps://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/?s=search/ahipping for orders over 5,000 yen. Otherwise, the cost is 540 yen.

Transfer Fees: None

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