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Panasonic Ion Effector EH-ST51 Skin Enhancer

By Panasonic 

Ion Effector EH-ST51 Skin Enhancer (¥20,800Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
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) by Panasonic harnesses thermal and electro-osmosis technology to enhance the skin.

To use Ion Effector follow these three steps. First, after showering apply lotion to a cotton pad, fasten it to the Ion Effector and prep the skin by massaging it in the patterns shown in the video below. Second, use the heating and electro-osmosis mechanism to open the pores and pull dirt from deep inside the skin. Finally, use the adjustable vibration and heating functions to condition the skin while stimulating each cell to the core.

For the best anti-aging results, Panasonic recommends doing the final step for three minutes every day.

Ships from May 1, 2015.

Size (cm): 15.5 x 4.6 x 5.5
Weight (g): 110
Power: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz
Materials: PC
Accessories: cotton ring, safety cap

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Contributed by Shaun

Shaun is White Rabbit's resident expert on Japanese design, technology and conbini snacks.

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