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One Piece x Converse All Star 100th Anniversary Sneakers

By Converse All Stars ONE PIECE 

Converse Japan tantalizes fans of Eiichiro Oda’s popular manga series One Piece with three Japan-exclusive pairs of One Piece x Converse All Star 100th Anniversary Sneakers.

As part of Converse’s All Star 100 Lineup, these One Piece edition sneakers help to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the classic All Star silhouette. The high-top models, which are available multicolored and gray-scale color options, boast collage uppers replete with images of Luffy’s Straw Hat Pirates. As an added touch, the word “WANTED” tags the back of each tongue in the manga’s original lettering.

The low-cut models draw on ship captain Trafalgar Law’s signature style for color cues and patterning, notably the black and white spotted hat. Also notice the illustrated insoles and the medallions on the heels marked with Heart Pirate insignia. Limited quantities will be sold in Japan starting in August. Pre-order now.

Size (cm): 22-30
High-top color: multi and mono
Low-top: mono


Contributed by Colin Smith

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