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Notchless Handy Tape Dispenser

By Notchless 

Innovative Notchless adhesive tape dispenser designed by Kikuchi-Yasukuni Architects, Inc.

notchless tape dispenser by kikuchi-yasukuni architects

“Notchless” leaves clean, straight edges without zig-zags on cut tape, simply by tearing it on the edge of a blade in the same easy way as with conventional tape dispensers. Adhesive tape without zigzags has an attractive appearance, and it does not break up when peeled as does tape cut with conventional dispensers.

It thus has the advantage of not causing stickiness or dirtiness at the cut edge, increasing the utility of adhesive tape. This patented blade technology cuts adhesive tape with a straight edge in an easy and safe manner.

notchless tape dispenser by kikuchi-yasukuni architects

The roll is held in place by a clear module which can easily be removed when replacing the tape. Made of aluminum and plastic.

Please note: This is a tape dispenser only for small-roll adhesive tape up to 18 mm in width. Although it can be used for cellophane tape,it works best with mending tape. (Scotch® brand Magic ™ Tape)

Some types of tape may stick to the rounded part of the dispenser which the tape sticks to, and you may feel that it is difficult to peel it off. However, it is necessary for the adhesive tape to be stuck to this rounded part in order to fix it in place so that it can be cut with a blade without sharp zigzags.

Tape made of other materials may be not cut with a straight line or it may be difficult to cut it.

notchless tape dispenser by kikuchi-yasukuni architects
notchless tape dispenser by kikuchi-yasukuni architects
notchless tape dispenser by kikuchi-yasukuni architects

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