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Brainwave Cat Ears

By Necomimi 

Express Yourself with the Brainwave Controlled Cat Ears

Japanese fashion electronics company Neurowear created Necomimi to give people
a chance to express their moods in a unique way. It is a new kind of communication tool which works with your brain wave. Four emotional states create cat-like reactive movement that shows how interested or relaxed the wearer is. When you relaxed – ears down, concentrate – ears up.

-Easy-to-use Battery Type
-Four size AAA batteries realize the continuous duty for a maximum of 4 hours.It is having made the exclusive battery unnecessary,
-It became easy-to-use also at the event or the party.
-Hold band enclosure
-The headband which holds the back of the head is enclosed so that Muzzles moving necomimi may not slip down flatly.

Please use for the length which fits your head exactly, adjusting.

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Contributed by anna

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  • can we buy items and you guys can sending the nicomimi ears to me and I will ask my parents if they can send a check to you back. becuse they dont want to pay from the internet

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    You can pay by check but we have to receive the check before we ship the package! We look forward to your order!