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Mizupica Water-Powered Flashlight

By Soushow 

Gear that doesn’t require electrical plugs or batteries is crucial when you live in a place like Japan where typhoons, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes and fire breathing gorilla-lizards are a constant threat to civil society. Say the power goes down, it’s pitch black outside and you need to traverse a debris-covered road in the pouring rain. Assuming you’re not MacGuyver or holding a glow-in-the-dark cat, what do you do?

Enter Mizupica Water-Powered Flashlight (¥1,058Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
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). Compact enough to fit in any car, camping or household emergency kit, Mizupica illuminates with the synergistic power of water and sciency stuff. What’s more remarkable is that a mere tablespoon of water powers the flashlight for up to one week, and the water doesn’t even have to be clean. Dirty water, sea water, cola or juice; we encourage you to experiment.

mizupika water powered flashlight 1

Size (whd, mm): 30.2 × 70.7 × 15
Weight (g): 25
Materials: PP, magnesium plate, catalyst layer, paper, copperplate, LED lights

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Contributed by Shaun

Shaun is White Rabbit's resident expert on Japanese design, technology and conbini snacks.

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