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Chelsea – Japanese retro candy

By Meiji 

Meiji’s Chelsea candies haven’t changed much since their introduction in 1971, which is wonderful for those who remember these delicious treats! This classic butterscotch carmel candy melts in your mouth with it’s sweet and savory taste. it’s reto-chic wrapper takes you back to a time in swinging london when the vibe was colorful and fun. this playful candy also comes in a smoother yogurt scotch flavor.

meiji chelsea candies

As with a lot of meiji’s delicious candies, the fun doesn’t stop when you finish the last one-the packages can be transformed into cute animals! some package animals are harder to create than others, but if you like the challenge of origami or building toys, it can be a fun project! Japanese instructions can be found here!

Black Cat Transform Meiji Chelsea box

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Contributed by Max

Max is the founder and director of White Rabbit Japan. When away from the office he enjoys hiking in the mountains around Tokyo and has developed an interest in freediving. His talkative Siamese cat Wabi boosts morale around the office.

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