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Marumete Pandango

By Kracie 

Popin’ Cookin! Happy MarumetePandango is a Japanese Do-It-Yourself candy making kit. “Marumete” means to make round, and Pandango is a combination of Panda and “dango” which is a kind of Japanese sweet made from made from rice flour.

This affordable, jaw-dropping product is safe and fun for children and adults of all ages. All the products in this brilliantly designed intellectual education candy series allow you and your friends to mold and create realistic looking edible sweets.

Instructions (in Japanese) with a visual diagram here

Definitely a challenging, fun and delicious treat for the young ones – and adults too!

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Contributed by Max

Max is the founder and director of White Rabbit Japan. When away from the office he enjoys hiking in the mountains around Tokyo and has developed an interest in freediving. His talkative Siamese cat Wabi boosts morale around the office.

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