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Leather Lens Cap Case

By Roberu 

This Leather Lens Cap Case (¥5,670Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) is handmade in Yokohama by cult brand Leather Factory Roberu; a brand that pairs traditional Japanese craft techniques with elegant design. Difficult to find outside of Japan in the past, White Rabbit Express is now offering Roberu goods internationally.

If you’re tired of having your lens go missing while you shoot, Roberu’s Lens Cap Case—made from oiled cowhide—is a hardy, elegant solution. Hand dyed in five different colours (camel, brown, green, red, and black) the Lens Cap Case provides a snug fit for any caps up to 55mm wide. It also features a hook on the back so you can attach it to the camera strap you are using (as long as it’s less than 15mm wide). As with all Roberu goods, the leather has been carefully selected, treated and branded with the requisite insignia—so you know it’s authentic.

Size: Is suitable for lens caps up to 55mm wide, and camera straps up to 15mm wide.
Materials: Cowhide, metal fittings

About Leather Factory Roberu:
Leather Factory Roberu uses only the highest quality leather which is then worked by hand at a workshop in Yokohama to produce their pouches, straps, belts, wallets, bags and shoes. Their goal is to manufacture in a way which connects people with natural materials; the unevenness of colouring and scratches on the surface of the leather are “proof” that it came from a living thing, they say. You are meant to experience the “process of making” through Roberu products and “increase the texture” of the leather as you use it over month, years, or even decades. And remember that everything which leave the Roberu workshop is handmade and sewn together with durable thread, ensuring that each item will be around long enough to soften and weather. Japan is known for its high-quality leather accesrories, and expert craftsmen. Roberu embodies this reputation.

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Contributed by Cameron

Cameron is a writer and journalist in Tokyo. He studied psychology and sociology before moving to Japan to explore its publishing, design and art. While living in Japan he has spent his time travelling to rural towns to document traditional Japanese crafts and covering the work of contemporary artists and designers in Tokyo. He is White Rabbit's expert on traditional objects, handcrafted goods and contemporary art.

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