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Landskip Bag

By Fu-Na 

Landskip bag (¥11,000Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) by “Fu-na”–Japanese creative studio comprised of Chiduru Fukino and N.–Fu-na’s products are completed by users themselves, who add their unique arrangements to the items. The LandskipBag takes its name from “landscape” and “skip” – describing a person who feels so happy that he/she cannot stop skipping around. You can create your own forest scene by fastening animal badges to the bag. Both sides of the bag have a sequential design, as do the three kinds of bag. Put them in order and they will form a new “landscape.”

These bags can be used two ways as hooks are attached to the sides of the bags.
Use over a long period of time results in the cotton canvas items gradually fitting your hands
and producing a comfortable feeling from the texture.

Size 410×270×160mm (A4)

100% cotton

Animal badges (US$17 each set) and bag are sold separately

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Contributed by anna

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