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Kit Kat 2 x 14 Flavor Japan Variety Pack

By Nestle 

These 14 different flavors of Kit Kat are usually sold in different regions of Japan and would cost about US$200 to order individually. Now you can try them all in the special variety pack which includes 2 of each flavor for a total of 28 individual Kit Kats.

kit kat variety pack via White Rabbit Express

Flavors include:
-Macha (Green Tea)
-Roasted Green Tea
-Almond Tofu Dessert
-Shinshu Apple
-Japanese Citrus Blend
-Yatsuhashi (Cinnamon-flavor Japanese treat)
-Purple Sweet Potato
-Edamame (Soy Bean)
-Nagoya Red Bean Sandwich
-Togarashi (Red Pepper)


Contributed by Max

Max is the founder and director of White Rabbit Japan. When away from the office he enjoys hiking in the mountains around Tokyo and has developed an interest in freediving. His talkative Siamese cat Wabi boosts morale around the office.

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  • venusaur

    Will you be getting any more of these any time soon?

  • Tomoko

    Thank you very much for your inquiry. Unfortunately, it is currently sold out from the manufacturer, and we can not tell when it gets available again. We have other KitKat variety pack available which is not listed here. If you can send us a request for KitKat, we will send you a quote. We look forward to your request.

  • Di Ve NoiDau

    Hi do you have any more of these left?? Thank uou

  • kaye

    hi, is this already available as of this moment?

  • KimDalton

    Sorry, it’s not available, but we’ll have some variety packs available in the fall when it gets cooler.

  • KimDalton

    Sorry, they’re all sold out, but we can ship chocolate again in the fall and will have some new variety packs available.

  • Michelle

    Which Kit Kat flavors is available at the moment?

  • KimDalton
  • JouJou

    When will they be in stock? I really want to try the variety pack over individual ones, so that next time i can choose the flavors i like most.

  • KimDalton

    We have two new variety packs which may be bought together here: