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King Purin

By Rakuten 

The King Purin DIY pudding-set (¥1,680Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) lets you make a ginormous dessert equivalent to 20 pudding cups.

Unlike the American or English custard pudding Japanese purin is milk and egg-based and additionally doesn’t contain cream or (much) cornstarch which creates a much softer and lighter texture. It has usually less calories and is easier to digest.

This set is perfect for bonding with kids, or with kids-at-heart.

The King Purin kit includes:
– Purin bucket (Size: 180mm height/diameter 170mm)
– Purin mixture (190g)
– Caramel syrup (70g)
– Instructions (in Japanese) with self-explanatory images*

*Should the images baffle you here are the instructions in English:

1. Pour the King Purin mix into 1.9 liters cold milk and stir carefully over low heat.
2. Turn off stove when the mix has dissolved and it is has reached boiling point. Be careful that the mixture doesn’t foam and boil over.
3. Pour mix into the bucket and let cool.
4. Put lid on the pudding and put into fridge for 10 hours.
5. With a spoon or a butter knife loosen the pudding gently from the wall of the bucket.
6. Transfer (carefully) onto a large plate.
7. Pour the caramel syrup on top.

By the way those who can’t quite stomach milk, can replace it with soy milk.

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Contributed by Louis De Jesus

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