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Kamen Rider x A Bathing Ape Hoodies

By A Bathing Ape 

Retro Japanese TV series Kamen Rider celebrates its 45th anniversary this year, and that’s as good an excuse as any to put out a pair of Kamen Rider x A Bathing Ape Hoodies alongside the popular streetwear company.

Kamen Rider x A Bathing Ape Hoodies Shocker Combatman Japan 5

Available in Masked Rider and Shocker Combatman designs, these full-zip hoodies rework BAPE’s tried-and-true shark hoodie silhouette with simplicity and style. The rest of the capsule includes a slew of graphic tees and a Baby Milo hand towel. Launches July 2nd, pre-order now.

Kamen Rider x A Bathing Ape Hoodies Masked Combatman Japan

Designs: masked rider, shocker combatman
Sizes: men’s, kids’
Material: cotton

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Contributed by Shaun

Shaun is White Rabbit's resident expert on Japanese design, technology and conbini snacks.

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