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Stylish Eyewear

By J!NS 

J!NS from Japan has become a popular fashion eyewear brand owing to the company’s low-price strategy, conspicuously attractive appearance and innovation features. The secret to J!NS’ success was treating glasses as a fashion accessory rather than simply for correcting vision. Three years after their launch, J!NS has sold some 5 million pairs of its Air Frame series glasses. After enjoying strong sales in the domestic market, J!NS has been promoting its products internationally. It set up its first overseas store in Shenyang in northeast China’s Liaoning province. The company plans to increase the number of its stores in China from four to 100 over the next four years and also intends to launch online stores.

It has also discerned differences in preference among consumers in various countries. Customers in China favor bright-colored and large frames, compared with Japanese customers, who prefer black and brown frames.

JINS offers some of the most affordable glasses all over Japan. One particularly popular product line is J!NS PC which features designed to ease eye pain and eye fatigue while working in front of a computer by reducing up to 55% “Blue Light” emitted by PC’s display and responsible for eyes fatigue.

The J!NS Moisture line comes with a little container that is capable of providing up to 2 hours of continuous moisture, reducing considerably the risk of suffering from dry eyes.

Read more about J!NS in English on their corporate web site.

Feel free to explore the J!NS web site. Your can order J!NS eyewear via White Rabbit Express.


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