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BILBAO Prism Platinum

By Issey Miyake 

The new colors for this season, yellow and pink, have been added to the lineup of BILBAO PRISM PLATINUM.

Bags made of triangular pieces that shine like platinum give you different looks depending on what you put inside. The surface will take in light like a mirror, and gives off a top-of-the-line brightness that cannot be found in other products.

*Models and colors are subject to availability*

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Contributed by Max

Max is the founder and director of White Rabbit Japan. When away from the office he enjoys hiking in the mountains around Tokyo and has developed an interest in freediving. His talkative Siamese cat Wabi boosts morale around the office.

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  • Shelly

    May I know how much for this bag?

  • Melanie

    I it is 425 dollars in an other store.