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Happy Kitchen Donut Kit

By Kracie 

White Rabbit is the distributor of Kracie Popin Cookin products from Japan.
We ship worldwide. Reseller inquiries welcome.

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Think baking is hard? Think again! In Japan, they have it all figured out – Just Add Water!! Another enjoyable kit of delicious mini foods comes from Kracie, the makers of the Popin Cookin DIY Sushi Kit!!

Happy Kitchen Donut Kit

Make real donuts with only mixing water with powder! No heating necessary! Comes with custard and cocoa flavors! Sprinkles are included plus vanilla, strawberry and chocolate frostings to decorate your amazing mini-donuts with!
Detailed English Instructions here

Kit has flour, toppings, tray, spoon, and squeezing bags.


Detailed English Instructions here

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Contributed by Alex

Alex is a graphic designer, editor and model in Tokyo. She wanted to come to Japan ever since her mind was blown after watching a VHS copy of Totoro as a child. She grew up on a strict diet of Sailor Moon, Super Nintendo RPG's and manga (i.e. incurable otaku) before she finally made the move to the land of the rising sun. Alex's knowledge of Japanese pop-culture now outpaces most of the locals; she is White Rabbit's resident expert on Manga, Anime, Games and Japanese pop-culture.

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  • Xiaowenlim

    hi, may I know is it US$5 for this product include service charge,ย shippings costs & all taxes?

  • Xiaowenlim

    sorry I forgot to tell u that I’m from Malaysia. thanks ya~ ^^

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Shipping is bill separately – it varies by country – but, yes, the price above is the total with tax and inbound shipping to our office. For this product, our shopping cart will calculate the shipping once you checkout.

  • Nannna Jacobi

    Do you send to denmark ??

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Yes we do! We look forward to your request!

  • Ponyo Tendo

    Do you have to put them in the microwave?

  • Jake33766

    im from maryland do you ship there

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    yes we do

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    Some of the products, like the sushi kit, don’t require a microwave. But, yes, this donut kit says to microwave them at a final step.

  • Leroy Park

    Does it normally cost around 10 dollars (US) without shipping?
    I heard that places like Japan are much cheaper.

  • http://maxhodges.com Max Hodges

    They are as cheap as $3.99 if you order in quantity. See link for pricing:

  • H.M.A

    Does this contain peanuts or any type of nuts ?

  • hahah

    I know that some of these you have to microwave but do you have to microwave this one? Also every time I do a micro wave one i always burn it.

  • Brittany

    I made a HOW TO video on this about a week ago! Please check it out ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the instructions in English…I added your direct link to my info box ๐Ÿ™‚ http://youtu.be/n087ksjQTuM

  • Brittany

    You don’t have to microwave this one ๐Ÿ™‚ http://youtu.be/n087ksjQTuM

  • KimDalton

    That’s a really great video! Thank you for linking to our English instructions. We’re glad they could help. We ship popin cookin worldwide if any of your viewers don’t know where to get them. We also offer special discounted variety packs and an affiliate program. http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/food-snacks/popin-cookin.html

  • Lindsey

    Does it have pig in it

  • KimDalton

    No, this product does not contain any pork or pork byproducts

  • sarah

    yes it contains nuts. i myself hate strawberries so i am planning to throw the pouch away. i am wondering.. does it contains gelatin or marshmallows?

  • sarah

    do they have marshmallows or gelatin?

  • kiki

    you actually do.

  • kiki

    for how long ?

  • Max

    for as long as they are available

  • KimDalton

    Actually it seems that no microwave is necessary to create the donuts. http://japanesecandykit.com/Donut.php

  • ^Retard

    You don’t retard ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Michala

    Anyone please help! I keep looking for popin’ cookings that list the exact ingredients and can find only very few; the reason for this is because I’m vegan, and I cannot eat any animal products. If anyone could get back to me if you know of any information I would really appreciate it! Thank you~ c:

  • Michala

    not sure of the marshmallows, but there is no gelatin

  • Sabina Fischer

    Hi Michala!

    On our shop we have lists of all the allergen and meat related information. Some Popin Cookin items contain meat or gelatin but others like this donut set do not. Please check out the item pages on our shop, the allergen and meat information is provided in red text. http://shop.whiterabbitjapan.com/collections/popin-cookin-kracie/products/popin-cookin-happy-kitchen-donut

    If you’d rather ask us directly please contact us through the help desk found here https://whiterabbitjapan.desk.com/customer/portal/emails/new and we will be happy to help you figure out which ones are ok for your specific needs.

  • Katie

    You may need to cut the time down to prevent burning. American microwaves run about 1000 to 1200 watts versus 500 – 600 for Japanese. Mine is actually 1550 watts.