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FU-TO A4 Case

By Yuruliku 

The FU-TO A4 Case (¥6,930Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
White Rabbit Express service fee and other costs not included.
) is a high-quality canvas case for carrying A4 sized papers and documents. The case is designed by Koushi Ikegami and Kinue Oneda, two masters of stationary who run a design company in Tokyo called Yuruliku.

Yuruliku’s stationary is all about taking it easy and paying attention to how things feel, their office products have nothing to do with beige partitions, fake plants, and angry bosses. The name Yuruliku is a combination of two japanese words (‘yururi’ and ‘yukkuri’) which mean something along the lines of ‘relax and go slow’. In that slow spirit the FU-TO A4 Case is hand-made in the old part of Tokyo by local artisans who are experts at working with canvas and leather. The canvas has been naturally dyed with vegetable and tannin dyes, and washed to soften it. Those wrinkles on its surface are evidence of Yururiku’s attention to feeling and function—it’s incredibly soft and durable. Also, if you happen to be taking care of business—but want to give the impression that you’re taking it easy—the the FU-TO A4 Case has a gusset sewn in which lets the case extend out to make way for a big stack of documents. It’s a carefully constructed object, pre-softened, naturally dyed, and so durable you’ll be able to use it for years.

Material: tannin dyed canvas*, cow soft leather, cotton lining
Size: W255mm × H340mm × D40mm (Product Size)
Color: Beige, Brown
Handmade in Tokyo

*Dyed with vegetable based, completely natural tannin dyes, washed to soften.

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Contributed by Cameron

Cameron is a writer and journalist in Tokyo. He studied psychology and sociology before moving to Japan to explore its publishing, design and art. While living in Japan he has spent his time travelling to rural towns to document traditional Japanese crafts and covering the work of contemporary artists and designers in Tokyo. He is White Rabbit's expert on traditional objects, handcrafted goods and contemporary art.

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