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Fruit Scented Fans


The beauty of these fans alone would be enough to make them the megahit that they are. But the traditional crafts company BOUDAI took it one step further infusing the fine Japanese paper with fruit perfume to make every waft as refreshingly sweet as the next.


Fruit Scented Fans are not short on detailing either. Each side is printed with opposing illustrations of the inner and outer fruit, and the handcarved bamboo structure is engraved with the BOUDAI logo on the handle.


So which fruit are we talking about? Only the best, most refreshing summer fruit: watermelon, pink grapefruit, kiwi, peach, and pineapple. You can almost smell them already.


Each order comes with a traditional paulownia wood box and a protective cotton sheath.

Designs: watermelon, pink grapefruit, kiwi, peach, pineapple
Open size (cm): 20 x 35
Box:24 x 5.5 x 3.5
Material: fine domestic paper, bamboo, paulownia wood

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Contributed by Shaun

Shaun is White Rabbit's resident expert on Japanese design, technology and conbini snacks.

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