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Folio Tissue Case

By h-concept 

Tissue boxes tend to be bulky, kitschy and end up in the trash. But Hiroshi Kajimoto of +d/h-concept conjured the Folio Tissue Case (¥1,620Prices are approximate only and subject to change.
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) to save room while looking nice. It’s not your standard square tissue case, and it’s not for squares either.

folio tissue case 10

Borrowing its name from the Latin word for “leaf,” Folio Tissue Case moves naturally and can be angled in various positions to fit the right space. Tissues are more accessible, too, thanks to the case’s double-sided outlet design.

folio tissue case 9

Dynamic and minimalist, with seven colors to choose from, it’s just the right accent for the living room.

Product size (wdh, mm): 195 × 114 × 132
Package size: 140 × 140 × 120
Product weight (g): 181
Weight with packaging: 240
Material: ABS

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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