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Celebrated flower artist Rie Okitsu has unveiled FLOWERiUM, a collection ornamental vessels capturing the beauty of flower blossoms in truly original fashion. Most popular among them is the EDISON design, which is inspired by the iconic silhouette of the Edison light bulb.

A cross between a flower vase and an aquarium, Okitsu suspends actual flowers in a special solution that preserves their vibrancy longer than any traditional flower vase ever could. Each FLOWERiUM is made individually by hand with careful attention to flower shape and arrangement so no two are exactly alike.

Decorate your home with FLOWERiUM, even those sunless spots that could use a boost of life. They also make for unforgettable wedding gifts because what else do undying flowers symbolize if not eternal love?

Size (cm): 8 x 21 x 16
Material: plastic
Avoid exposure to direct sunlight for long periods
Changes slightly over time

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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