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Famicom Stationery Collection

By Nintendo San-Ei 

As evidenced by the popularity of 2016’s Famicom Mini, retrogaming will never lose its appeal. It harkens back to a videogame era simpler and more innocent while stirring memories of childhood. This winter, stationery company San-Ei taps into the nostalgia with an officially licensed Famicom Stationery Collection.


Inspired by the original Famicom, which debuted back in 1983, each piece of the stationery collection celebrates the old-school aesthetic of the Famicom console and its gold-plated controllers. The collection includes a mini-notepad, clear file set, ringed notebooks, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils and – most coveted of all – the full-sized tote bag. Now we’ll have to wait and see if they’ll release a series of Nintendo-themed stationery – the sister console we’re more used to seeing in the West.

Choose from: notepad, clear file set, tote bag, ringed notebook (console or controller), ballpoint pen (console or controller), mechanical pencil (console or controller)

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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