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Edo Neko Glass

By Ishizuka Glass Co. 

Ukiyo-e cats decorate Ishizuka Glass Company’s Edo Neko Glass series. Playful and modern as they appear, they were drawn by the great artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi nearly 200 years ago.


In three designs, each two-piece set includes a frosty, golden-lipped sake glass and a traditional square masu made from Japanese cypress. Choose from the hachimaki-wearing dancing cat, the kimono-clad ball playing cat, and prim and proper red-collared cat. There’s also a three-piece craft beer glass set if that’s more your preference.

Glass size (mm): 90 x 55
Capacity (ml): 100
Box size: 140 x 101 x 60
Includes: glass, cup, box
Made in: Japan

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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