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Digital Harinezumi 3.0

By Superheadz 

Bring imperfections to your digital photos!

Although digital cameras are quickly evolving and are able to capture reality more and more accurately, images start to look boring and too realistic. Do you remember how film had imperfections which made for interesting effects? Well, now you can have that more raw and unique looking image, but with the convenience of a digital camera.

Harinezumi digital cameras by Superheadz available in: Black, White and Red

Product Specifications:
3 million pixels
ISO: 100 – 800
Lens: f = 4.0mm (35mm film; 35mm), F = 3.0
Exposure: Auto, Normal focus: 1m ~ infinity, macro: 3 ~ 4cm,
Voice recording function (when recording video)
Flash: No
Frame rate shooting modes: jerky mode: 1FPS, Miriraiku 8: 8FPS, normal mode: 30FPS
(Up to 2GB), (up to 16GB) Micro SDHC Card Micro SD Card Recording Media:
Accessories: Micro SD Card (2GB), USB reader, battery CR2, strap, camera pouch

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Contributed by Kim

Kim is a closet otaku with a passion for web development, movies and photography. In 2002 her love of sushi and curiosity for all things Japanese led her to Tokyo. She plays the Irish tin whistle and enjoys hiking, cooking and plotting to take over the world.

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