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Diesel x Porter x Tadanori Yokoo Collection

By Diesel Tadanori Yokoo Yoshida Kaban 

Decades after making his mark on Japan’s underground art scene, graphic designer Tadanori Yokoo gets some deserved mainstream attention with the Diesel x Porter x Tadanori Yokoo Collection.


A three-way collaboration with Italian fashion retailer Diesel and Japan’s popular bag maker Yoshida Kaban, this six-piece collection boasts a day pack, backpack, waist bag, briefcase, long wallet, and smaller zippered wallet – all with colorful paneling featuring Yokoo’s original work “RK,” a modernist portayal of the Arabian Night. For more recent releases from Tadanori Yokoo, check out the Dancing Skeletons Ramen Bowl and Skull Dish Set.

Choose from: day pack, backpack, waist bag, briefcase, long wallet, zippered wallet
Materials: nylon twill, polyester, cotton, taffeta

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Contributed by Colin Smith

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