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Crystal Coated HD Anti-Glare Protector for iPhone4

By Micro Solutions 

PRO GUARD HD AG is an ultra-thin, hi-tech, Japanese anti-glare screen protector designed especially for your iPhone 4 by Micro Solutions.

Crystal Coated Anti-Glare Protector for iPhone4

Anti-Glare screens work by “frosting” the surface, scattering incoming light and thus reducing reflected light, or glare. Mirco Solution’s PRO GUARD HD AG uses an advanced system which dramatically reduces the size of the frosting particles leaving a sharper, brighter image while still reducing glare. The low-friction screen feels smoother that similar products on the market. The screens are not glue based, so even upon removal there will be no residue.

Included are 2 protector screens (one front, one back), a microfibre cloth and 2 sheets of dust/lint remover.

Crystal Coated Anti-Glare Protector for iPhone4

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