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Comic Toranoana Store Feature

By Comic Toranoana 


Comic Toranoana is one of Japan’s premier doujinshi shops, especially when it comes to the racy adult variety. There’s also a generous assortment of manga, anime DVDs, collectible figures, videogames and other goods to feed all your esoteric needs. Whatever you’re trying to get your hands on, White Rabbit Express can order it for you.


Tips and Tricks

There are plenty of navigation options on the Toranoana website, but one way to narrow the focus is to choose between men’s and women’s interests. The women’s store Princess Side features media primarily of the “Boy’s Love” genre, as well as big titles such as Free!, Haikyuu and Osomatsu-san. In the men’s store, you’re more likely to find titles, such as Love Live!, Kancolle and Touhou Project, and the work of artists like Tony Taka and Oyari Ashito.

When placing an order with White Rabbit Express, be sure to check whether Toranoana still has the item you want in stock. Here’s how you can tell. In-stock items show a blue button marked with a shopping cart icon and the words “カートに入れる”, like this:


Out of stock items will not show that button at all. Also keep in mind that prices don’t include tax on the item page. To get the after-tax price, add the item to your cart or multiply the base price by 1.08.

Domestic Shipping and Fees

Domestic shipping: Free shipping for orders over 15,000 yen. Otherwise, the cost is 520 yen. 300 yen tracked shipping is available for small orders under 3000 yen.

In-stock items usually arrive to WRE within one week. During major events like Comiket, expect long delays.

Transfer Fees: None


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Contributed by Shaun

Shaun is White Rabbit's resident expert on Japanese design, technology and conbini snacks.

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