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Mojibakeru Transformer Kanji-Animals 1

By Bandai 


These shape-shifting animals transform into their Japanese kanji character name-sake.

“Mojibakeru” is derived from the Japanese word “moji” which means “character” and “bakeru” which means “to change”.

Available from May 17th in six varieties — 犬 (dog), 虎 (tiger), 魚 (fish), 馬 (horse), 鳥 (bird) and 竜 (dragon) — and are available in black, white, yellow and blue.

Unfortunately we are unable to order specific colors, so we cannot promise to deliver any particular colors
Mojibakeru Kanji FishMojibakeru Kanji Fish


Mojibakeru Kanji HorseMojibakeru Kanji Horse


Mojibakeru Kanji DogMojibakeru Kanji Dog


Mojibakeru Kanji TigerMojibakeru Kanji Tiger


Mojibakeru Kanji BirdMojibakeru Kanji Bird


Mojibakeru Kanji DragonMojibakeru Kanji Dragon


Set of 6 (Set includes one of each animal shown above; color of each toy may be different than shown above).

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Contributed by Max

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