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White Rabbit Express Associates

Earn Money from ‘Sold-Only-In-Japan’ Product Posts

As a White Rabbit Express Associate you can make money (3.5% commission) while helping your website visitors get hard-to-find items from Japan via the White Rabbit Express Buying Service.

Countless Products

Unlike a typical online shop with a limited number of products, White Rabbit Express can export nearly anything from Japan – to anywhere in the world. So there is virtually no limit to the number of products you can earn a commission on.

Visitors who request a quote from White Rabbit Express, via our request form, receive a no–obligation quote by email. If they want to proceed with the purchase, they can pay the quote, and we ship their item.

As a White Rabbit Express Associate, you can create links to help your web site visitors purchase items from Japan via the White Rabbit Express. The AffiliateLinks you make send visitors directly to our request page and pre-populate the form fields for the product discovered on your site. You can do this for any product from Japan which is legal to export.

Affiliate Links in Action

Design blogger Johnny of Spoon & Tamago frequently posts about sold-only-in-Japan items, and many visitors to his site have emailed him in frustration seeking a way to purchase these difficult to buy items. Now, as a White Rabbit Express Associate, he can provide his visitors with a purchasing option — and earn a sales commission in the process.

Let’s look at a concrete example. The following products post, taken from Spoon & Tamago, include at the end where you can buy the item.

White Rabbit Express Affiliate Link Demo 1

When a visitor clicks the link on this page, it takes her to the White Rabbit Express request form, pre-populates the form with the product information, and passes the Spoon & Tamago Affiliate ID (a_aid) as a hidden parameter.

Anatomy of an Affiliate Link: It’s Easy to Get Started

Let’s take a closer took at how Affiliate Links work:

http://whiterabbitexpress.com/?a_aid=kierumakyu&pname=cupmen2 &plink=http://www.spoon-tamago.com/2010/06/07/cupmen-2-waiting-for-your-instant-noodles

First, we can see that it links to the send-your-request form on the White Rabbit Express site.

Next there are three parameters being passed in the query string:

The a_aid parameter identifies your affiliate account, pname is the product name or a brief description of the product, and plink is an http link to the product. What’s interesting is that the plink could be a link to the product on your website, on our website, or on any website. However, when possible it’s helpful if you pass us a link to the vendor site, so we can quickly identify a source for the product.

You can also use a link shortening service like bit.ly to create links you can use on for twitter.

Terms and Conditions

If your referred visitor completes a purchase with White Rabbit Express, you earn 3.5% of net revenue on the product portion of referred sales (we don’t include shipping charges when calculating referred sales.) So on a US$30 sale, you’d make US$1.05 and on a US$100 item you’d make US$3.50.

We pay out every two months by PayPal. If your account balance is less than $25, we’ll roll it over to the next payout period.

How to Get Started

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